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VDBC: Victorian Drag Boat Club has been operating from 1986-2024 and for the last 38 years has had many drag boat racing events.

Victorian Drag Boat Club Awards

The annual National Drag Boat Racing Titles has awards they are:


We are a small club of boat enthusiasts that enjoy taking our pride and joy to the limits and there are many members involved in the club and this is why the club still exists today.


We are a non-profit organization that is pretty much run by volunteers and the club is very grateful to have these individuals putting in a lot of their personal time to put things together.


The Victorian Drag Boat Club - VDBC has been racing since 1986 and caters for all types of boats from the family ski boat to the purpose built capsule hydro's that are capable of over 200 mph!


Based at the National Water Sports Centre in Carrum, the club has invested in a new state of the art dual lane timing system much like our asphalt cousins that allows for genuine E.T racing in all classes and also gives the racer the much needed information on each run to allow each boat to be tuned to the conditions on the day.


With E.T racing you are able to use any type of hull and engine combination to compete in your chosen racing bracket.
Racing generally starts at 10:30am and continues until 5:00pm.
We encourage a family environment with free entry for the kids ( Under 16 Years ) and full catering onsite at very reasonable prices or you are welcome to BYO.


Please feel free to check this site regularly for race dates and other events as they develop. We look forward to your company soon on the "Liquid Quarter Mile".


We have a Facebook page:




It is page for viewing of images, updated news, event details, videos and other information in regards to the VDBC club, this is a public page that anyone can join.



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