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Full Membership & Association Memberships


Membership Options


How to apply?


For information about how to become a member see below or contact us.


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Reasons to be a member


The Victorian Drag Boat Club Inc, is a non-profit organisation.
As such we encourage as many members as possible to become involved and participate in the club's activities.
Every bit of support the club receives from its members (big and small) is beneficial and crucial to our success.


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Preparation for and running of race days is one area where the club requires assistance.
We need help with various activities including:



Other than race days, other opportunities to get involved include:



For more information about any of these opportunities please email enquiry@vdbc.com.au.


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Members Rules & Responsibilities  


Without going into lots of detail the VDBC expect's all members to act responsibly and respect others.
The VDBC is not willing to tolerate any form of violence or abuse nor anyone bringing the club into disrepute.


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Members Meetings 


The VDBC has a regular member meeting which is held on the second Tuesday of every month.
The meeting is held at the common rooms located at the National Water Sport Centre, Riverend Rd Bangholme Vic @ 6:30pm
All members are invited and encouraged to attend to discuss, debate and shape the VDBC and to form direction for the club.
We do our best to notify members of meetings (including the occasional extra-ordinary meeting) via email, Facebook and our website.


We apply a bit of structure to our meetings, which includes asking all members not to talk over each other or interrupt during meetings.
We try to allow everyone the opportunity to have their say.


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Membership Rights 


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Become a member or renew your membership 


Becoming a member and renewing membership is simpler than you might think.


You simply need to complete the attached form to become a member or renew your membership.


Membership is for a financial year (July 1st to June 30th). In June each year we will email members with details of how to renew your membership.


For Full Memberships and Associated Memberships, we need you to complete the attached form and make your payment.


Updating Membership


Your details have changed? No problem, simply email secretary@vdbc.com.au, your name and what information has changed and we will update our records (this is important to ensure we can provide you updates and key information about events).


Membership & Membership Renewal Form


Print the pdf document and fill out your details, then e-mail to secretary@vdbc.com.au.


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Life Membership & Significant Achievement Awards 


In addition to the mechanisms of recognising individual members contribution and⁄or achievements for the previous racing season, the Victorian Drag Boat Club has two mechanisms of recognising achievements over extended periods of time.


These two mechanisms are the significant achievement award and life membership.


To nominate a fellow member for either the:
Significant Achievement Award or Life Membership, please visit our Club Awards Page, link on our home page.


* Except any votes that based on the constitution are for committee members only such as Life Membership.


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Payment Options 


If you want to be a member we have several payment options.


Credit Card


If you want to pay by credit card but not want to provide the details on the form (we totally understand), our treasurer will contact you for your details.
Once your payment is finalised we will organise to send you your Membership card.


Direct Deposit


If you want to deposit your membership fee directly into our bank account please include your first and last name as a reference.
BSB: 633000
Account: 134817790
Account name: Victorian Drag Boat Club




Cash payments can be made at club events including the AGM, Presentation Night and race days.



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